Raleigh, North Carolina

The 3,200 square foot commercial structure building at 413 Glenwood Avenue was built in the early 1960s for the offices of the North Carolina Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors. It was a nondescript two-story building set back from the street with parking on three sides including directly in front of the building. When the Association outgrew the building and moved out, the structure sat empty for some time. The building has been totally renovated and houses an investment banking company on the second floor and a new coffee shop, Helios Coffee Company, on the ground floor.

Most of the buildings on Glenwood Avenue are located on the edge of the public right of way creating an urban street wall. This existing

building unfortunately had been set back and introduced parking at the street. In order to reestablish the importance of the street wall, a courtyard was developed on the building's main east elevation, which reinforces the pedestrian activity along Glenwood Avenue.

This landscaped space creates an outdoor room and it visually and physically connects to the indoor dinning space by a series of large doors that can stand open, thereby connecting these people gathering spaces. The existing storefront was removed and replaced with a new system incorporating a large cantilevered canopy which updates the building's image.