Difficulty sending e-mail to Clearscapes due to:

Size Errors

If your e-mail is rejected with an error about the size of the e-mail, then the problem is likely at your end. We have very large size limits on e-mails sent to us. Most services set a limit of 5MB to 20BM on the size of an individual e-mail. If you need to send us files that will not work within the limits of your e-mail service, please let the person you are trying to reach at Clearscapes know of the difficulty and we can find an alternate way to get the files to us.

E-mails rejected by Clearscapes

We have several filters in place to stop SPAM and other unwanted e-mails. At times these filters might catch legitimate e-mails as well. We apologize if this happens to you. Please send a brief email to "cspa.help@gmail.com" describing the problem and someone will get back to you. Please include in this e-mail the actual rejection you received so we can quickly resolve the issue. If time is an issue, please call us at 919.821.2775 and ask for E-mail Tech Support.


Using the External Files / FTP Site:

Clearscapes uses an Internet site for our consultants and clients to use in trading files on our projects. Since Clearscapes cannot know all the possible security policies in place at various firms, which can impact these transfers, we have set up four (4) different methods to access this site. These methods are described below. Please note that in the examples below all text shown as "bold italic" should be typed exactly as shown. The only exceptions are that entries for userid and password should be replaced by the actual ones supplied by Clearscapes for a particular project.

Access methods

A. Basic Web Access (easiest way)

In your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc...) enter


You will then be prompted for a userid and password

After entering, you should be at a self-explanatory web page for the project.

B. Windows Explorer 7 access (Windows Only)

  1. Open Internet Explorer 7
  2. In the address bar, type the following command:
  3. ftp://userid:password@external.clearscapes.net substitute userid and password with data provided by Clearscapes
  4. IE 7 will display a list of files and folders from the FTP domain
  5. To quickly save a file locally, right-click the file and select "Save Target As..."
  6. To manage the remote and locals files more completely, click the 'Page' menu button on the right-hand side of the IE 7 browser window and select the option, "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer"
  7. you can now drag-n-drop the files from remote FTP server to local file system easily.

C. FTP access via a web browser.


You will then be prompted for a userid and password.

D. FTP access via an FTP client.


The userid and password must be substituted in the link above.

All FTP Client applications are different; please contact Clearscapes technical support to assist with your specific condition.